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DesignRepublic is a branding & packaging design agency specialized in creating brands, brand strategy and packaging design for a portfolio of international customers as well as local start-ups. Our aim is to make you and your brand successful and that is why we always want to deliver ‘Creativity that Sells’. Come and visit our stand PI16, and let’s have a talk on how we can help you.


DesignRepublic for Stassen

Stassen, The fruity side of your party. / Branding & Packaging Design Stassen’s fruit ciders are all about fruitiness, a festive fresh & fruity family aperitif. When we were approached

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DesignRepublic for Bamboo

Bamboo Natural Goodness / Branding & Packaging Design Bamboo is a young Belgian brand, full of natural goodness, founded in 2016. In 2017 the founders Charlotte and Lionel approached DesignRepublic

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DesignRepublic for Desobry

Desobry is an authentic Belgian biscuit baker since 1947, established by Léon Desobry. And combining Belgian biscuits with Belgian chocolate: that’s a double win! When we were asked to review

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DesignRepublic for Natra

Natra, Belgian Chocolates. Branding & Packaging Design NatraJacali, a member of Natra, produces high-quality Belgian chocolates. NatraJacali combines the traditional craftsmanship of master Belgian chocolate makers with mass consumption requirements.

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