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We’re pleased to meet you.
Let’s start by informing you that, in fact, we joined forces. Du Caju Printing, Hellyn Kartonnage and BDMO Packaging are by themselves healthy, strong and reputed specialists in packaging and presentation materials. In 2018 we put all our individual assets on the table and produced an even better whole.
With our own R&D department, a high-tech machine park and 170 enthusiastic and trained employees, we do our utmost to take good care of you. And then we put all that effort in a perfectly finished box or folder.
Passion for packaging & presentation
A product must always be good, tasty and of high quality. That’s your job. Leave the rest to us. Our mission is to encourage the sale of your content by developing safe, hygienic, strong, attractive, eye-catching, luxurious and smart packaging solutions. Not alongside your product, but in total harmony with it. Tailor-made, produced with passion and craftsmanship that has been passed on for generations. We also optimize your logistics processes in one smooth movement.
After all, we offer support, a unique service and we are thinking along with you. We actively seek improvement and use very demanding criteria.
We don’t make packagings. We create solutions.



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