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REYNDERS label printing specializes in the production of self-adhesive labels, tailor-made and complex label constructions, shrink sleeves and other flexible decorative packaging.

We have production units in Belgium, France, Poland and Spain and our sales activities cover the whole of Europe. Our Indian site serves the whole subcontinent.


New ideas

We give labels new functions and we make it work! We have done this for banks and insurance companies, for supermarkets and store chains, for café and restaurant suppliers: taking

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Premium labels

From simply natural looks to stunning mirror and lense effects, we have a full arsenal of label printing techniques to match your brand and your goals. Visual, tactile, textural, volumetric…

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Flexible packaging

Name it pouch, sachet, bag or pack: you can give it many functions and use it for a wide range of products: food, cosmetics, medicines, household… Just like labels, the

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Complex label constructions

Turn a necessity into an advantage. Turn information into promotion. Make your messages more engaging. Replace your loose leaflet with a more attractive, fixed and cost-effective booklet label. There’s a

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Shrink sleeves

Exotically shaped container or rather traditional shape? Completely wrapped around your product, our sleeves create wonderful new possibilities. The trick, though, is to make as much use of the 360°

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