DesignRepublic pour Desobry

DesignRepublic pour Desobry

DesignRepublic pour Desobry


Desobry is an authentic Belgian biscuit baker since 1947, established by Léon Desobry. And combining Belgian biscuits with Belgian chocolate: that’s a double win!

When we were asked to review the packaging design of Desobry’s famous praline biscuits, our first reaction was that the visuals of the biscuits on the packaging were not expressing the true taste of the fine culinary delights.
Our focus was to show the biscuits as appetiteful as possible but in an elegant, stylish way. By integrating a variant color for each flavor, the packaging became not only more attractive but the color also supports the appetite appeal.

This project is a good example of how small actions can make a big difference.


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