DesignRepublic voor Natra

DesignRepublic voor Natra

DesignRepublic voor Natra


Natra, Belgian Chocolates. Branding & Packaging Design

NatraJacali, a member of Natra, produces high-quality Belgian chocolates.

NatraJacali combines the traditional craftsmanship of master Belgian chocolate makers with mass consumption requirements.
One of our design projects was the launch of the new chocolate half-spheres, filled with premium gin. This required an outstanding design. A design expressing the contemporary character of the fine chocolates.

In our design we have explored an aesthetical harmony between the chocolate half spheres and the packaging. As the saying goes: “one music note does not create a concert”, we used multiple circles as the graphical star element to create a visual concert. The idea behind the round window with cut-out circles and the graphical print inside the tray, was to amplify a visual depth perception.

The result is a contemporary graphical packaging design with a hypnotic edge… or maybe it’s just the gin at work?




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