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Keeping brands culturally relevant (through design)

Jon Davies – Co-Founder

An eclectic mix of graphic designer, structural designer, strategist and manager, Jon has spent the last (almost) 30 years melding these passions in the wonderful world of brand design. Co-Founder of Butterfly Cannon, a design agency specialising in craft and luxury brands, whose clients have included companies such as LVMH, Farrow & Ball, Diageo, Montezuma’s and Coty, Jon’s role is to ensure his team tell the most powerful story in the most beautiful way, so brands truly have meaning in peoples lives.

Natalie Alexander – Co-Founder

A total ball of energy and enthusiasm, Natalie has a great passion for the world of design and branding. With 20 plus years in the business both on the client and agency side, she is renowned for driving wonderful creative ideas that are beautifully crafted, always overseen by her watchful and (sometimes annoyingly) exceptional eye for detail. Co-founding Butterfly Cannon in 2010 she has driven its luxury and craft brands client focus and multiple design award wins. Her new mission is to drive the sustainability agenda through all that the agency creates for its prestigious clients.

Tatiana Ryfer – Carrefour

From Rio de Janeiro to New York and landing in Paris in 2006, Tatiana Ryfer has a design career marked by an international path.
Head of the Branding & Visual Identity design department in Carrefour for over 8 years now, Tatiana was able to contribute to building the design culture inside the company. By managing all the brand’s visual aspects, she helped create consistency through all customer’s touchpoints.

With a prior 3-year experience in the Decathlon Group – leading European Sports Retailer, known for its innovation approach – as Branding & Packaging Manager, Tatiana had the opportunity to create and develop some of the group’s own brands and to collaborate with its 160 members design team.

Her former experiences were split between Brazil, where she opened her own design Studio specialized in Branding, Signage and Packaging and became a referenced packaging teacher in one of the most renowned design schools in the country and New York where she spent 3 years doing a Branding & Packaging Masters in Pratt Institute and working for design agencies.

Rich from this experience, Tatiana shares a 360° design approach and a passion for building authentic brands that talk, share and understand its audience.

*Followed by a 30 mins Q&A session – 12:00 – 12:30

Does your brand pack a punch? – Patrick De Grande

‘How packaging design is more than just pretty graphics but should act as a storytelling enabler and brand building instigator’.

Education: Master degree in Functional Design
Past activity: Design Architect of Art Books
Current activity: Founder and Creative Farmer at Quatre Mains ; Brand & Packaging Design Associate and Brand Builder in 4Tops ; A Connection of 4Founder and Creator of Opportinities for Packman Packaging ; Artworkers
Member of the Advisery Board and Guest lecturer Branding and Packaging Design at Luca, School of Art
Active member of the epda ; European Packaging Design Association
Proud winner of many Packaging design awards, including Gold, silver and Bronze Pentawards.

Coming soon – Tigre Blanc – Mareva Essia

*Followed by a 30 mins Q&A session – 15:00 – 15:30

Time Table

Coming soon – Studio Kluif

Bruno Singulani – Nestlé

Bruno is a Brazilian designer and currently the creative leader for all Global Food Brands at Nestlé. Having graduated as a product designer, his professional and academic paths have eventually converged into roles with a strong focus on branding and strategic design management.

Working with major brands that range from Beautycare to Food&Bev, Bruno believes in the essential value of anthropology and human-centric innovation to develop stronger design cultures and build long-lasting brands. During the 4 years he has been at Nestlé, he has challenged iconic global brands to reinvent themselves, while also pushing Nestlé to empower and enable start-up-like initiatives, achieving positive business results through design-led innovations.

*Followed by a 30 mins Q&A session – 12:00 – 12:30

Coming soon – Landor

Coming soon – Greet Vanoppen – Monalisa

*Followed by a 30 mins Q&A session – 15:00 – 15:30

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