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Introduction – Stefan Van Rompaey

the OnePlanet Research Center: nanotechnology and digital technologies for precision health, precision nutrition and precision food production | Chris Van Hoof – General Manager – OnePlanet Research Center & Vice-President R&D – imec

In 2018 Earth Overshoot Day, the symbolic date that marks when we have used more resources than our planet can produce or renew in a year, fell on August 1. This means that humanity consumed the equivalent of a planet in just seven months. We need to change the way we produce and consume food, not just for the sake of our planet, but also for our individual health. And we need to tackle the fundamental question: will people be willing to change the way they live and eat. Tackling these challenges is exactly what we plan to do at OnePlanet Research Center, a new research and innovation center that imec, Wageningen University and Radboud University have started in Gelderland (the Netherlands). The OnePlanet Research Center will develop, accelerate and validate innovative solutions for precision preventive health, precision nutrition in the domains of food, agriculture and health in which chip technology and data analytics play a crucial role. Four research programs have been defined: Data Driven Nutrition & Health, Citizen Empowerment, Precision Production & Processing, and Tailored Supply Chain. In each program, interdisciplinary teams of researchers and engineers from the three founding partners will conduct application-driven R&D along technology and application roadmaps which are being created and validated with international and regional partners.

*Followed by 7 minutes Q&A

Pitch 1: Sabien Windels – Urban farming consultant & ROOF manager at Roof Food

Urban agriculture and, in particular, roof farming have great social and economic potential.

Despite the momentum of urban agriculture, we see few successful projects.

ROOF FOOD, a city agricultural project in Ghent, proves that it is possible.

During this lecture, Sabien of ROOF FOOD talks about the obstacles and opportunities of urban agriculture.

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